Smoke and Mirrors is a Neo-Classic Rock band from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When you want people on the dance floor all night long, you want Smoke and Mirrors.  We know how to keep the crowd on their feet, dancing, and thirsty.

The first sign of a great cover band is their sound. Simply put, Smoke and Mirrors sounds amazing. Sometimes as good as the original artists do live. 

The second part of the equation is the show. We, Smoke and Mirrors, actually look like we are having fun at our shows, because…we are.  Joe Jesse plays the guitar behind his head, runs through the crowd, stands in precarious places while playing his guitar.  Rich Butler moves and grooves to the music. Earl the Pearl is playing in the pocket while laying down the beats. We understand that it is a SHOW.  

Smoke and Mirrors offer 3 to 4 hours of music each night depending on the needs and budget of the venue. We played a mix of new and old classic rock.  We can play tunes from almost any genre.  


If you like the Doors, ZZ Top, Cream, 3 Doors Down, Seven Mary Three, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Twisted Sister, Beastie Boys, Bush and many of your favorite hits.  You will want to come down to check these guys out.

Joe Jesse – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Joe Jesse has been playing guitar since the age of 14. Played his first show with his high school band Deep Six in 1998. Joe Jesse was the vocalist for Myrtle Beach’s 13th Paradox. Was the founder and lead guitarist and vocalist of GrandStranded in 2013. In 2017 formed the Power Trio Smoke and Mirrors.

Rich Butler -Bass Guitar and Vocals

Rich Butler has been playing professionally since he was 14. At 18 years old, and beyond, toured and recorded with Winter City (formally Full Moon, Montage Records). Recorded and toured with Dorian Grey (2nd band signed to Giant Records). Founder of 90’s Myrtle Beach rock trio My Three Sons. Also a member of RockFish from Myrtle Beach, SC.

R.J. Dorsey – Drums

R.J. Dorsey

Midnight Sun Rehearsal Studio

Midnight Sun Rehearsal Studio is Smoke and Mirror’s full time sound company. They also offer a place for musicians to rehearse with full professional light and sound equipment. They even supply the back line so all you need is your instrument and sticks!!!